Autoimmune Diseases And Hair Loss

For the vast majority of us, hair loss is an inevitability. Approximately 80% of men and nearly half of all women experience some level of hair loss. While most instances involve either male pattern baldness – which often involves a receding hairline as well as a growing bald spot at the crown of the head – or female pattern baldness – which is an overall thinning of the hair – there are a number of other contributors as well.


One contributor to hair loss outside of male and female pattern baldness are certain autoimmune diseases. So, what autoimmune diseases can cause hair loss?

What Autoimmune Diseases Can Cause Hair Loss?


The primary autoimmune disease that causes hair loss is known as alopecia areata, but there are many types of alopecia areata that could manifest. This condition causes hair loss as a result of your immune system attacking your hair follicles.


While this disease most commonly affects the scalp, it has the potential to cause hair loss throughout the body. In some instances, the hair loss is gradual while in others it occurs rapidly. The hair loss occurs in patches so, even if it is gradual, you will know it’s not male or female pattern baldness.

How Do You Treat Autoimmune Hair Loss?


Unfortunately, like most causes of hair loss, there isn’t a known cure for alopecia areata. That said, there are some causes that are likely to increase your chances of it.


One such cause is genetics… but there is little that can be done to directly address that. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have also been seen as a risk factor. Regular checkups should help you to identify those deficiencies, which could lead to other health concerns as well.


Lastly, certain health conditions (including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism) can potentially instigate the disease. The sooner the condition is treated, the sooner you can potentially halt the patchy hair loss of alopecia areata.

Is Autoimmune Hair Loss Reversible?


As it stands now, we cannot predict if the alopecia areata you are experiencing will reverse in its entirety for certain. That said, there are examples of people that had the condition and eventually saw their hair restored to how it was after the fact. There are a number of treatments utilized by hair restoration experts that can help restore your hair or speed up the hair regrowth process.

Our Experts Can Help Reverse Your Autoimmune Related Hair Loss


Living with an autoimmune disease can be difficult enough without having it lead to hair loss. You could also be experiencing hair loss from other sources outside an autoimmune disease – such as male or female pattern baldness.


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