Celebrity Hair Transplants—The Who’s Who of New Hairdos

In the exciting, ever-changing world of entertainment, new go-to looks are being invented nearly every day. One aspect of these people’s livelihoods that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, though, is celebrity hair! There have been decades of rumors concerning former president Donald Trump’s hair being a toupee, hair plugs, or just a preferred hairstyle, but the public finds it relieving when a celebrity can admit to getting a hair transplant because it shows that even they are vulnerable to normal hair loss. 

Top Seven Remastered Celebrity Hairstyles

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey first showed noticeable signs of hair loss after shaving his head for a movie role in the late 1990s. When it began to grow back, his head demonstrated signs of male pattern baldness at the crown and receding hairline. As an up-and-coming actor, there’s a possibility he could have been suffering from stress-related hair loss as well. Fans noticed that his hair miraculously reappeared at thinning locations after disappearing from the silver screen for a little while, which is indicative of a successful hair transplant surgery. 

John Travolta

Remember Saturday Night Fever? John Travolta has always had a number of fans infatuated with his slicked-back, black hair and stylized sideburns, which made his hair loss, in the mind’s of fans, both sudden and noticeable. While he hasn’t publicly acknowledged receiving a hair transplant, his renewed volume was noticeable back in 2016 compared to earlier years where he had embraced a shaved head.

Jamie Foxx

When you search for “Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant” on Google, the word “scar” might come up next to his name. That’s because Foxx underwent a follicular unit transplantation (FUT), where grafts are taken from successful hair growth locations and relocated to areas of the scalp most in need. His first time undergoing a hair transplant occured in 2007, and he has continued to receive them into his late 50s, making his hairline thicker and more envy-causing than ever.

Over the years, his hair transplant procedures may have resulted in scars at the base of his skull where hair has been removed. To cover it up, he’s opted for an incredible tribal tattoo, fixating people’s attention away from negative, hair-related press.

Joe Swash

Joe Swash has been forthcoming about his dashed self esteem from hair loss he suffered from in his early years. As a result, he’s been a public figurehead in the hair industry and has compared his hair transplants to women receiving Botox treatments. In fact, he’s quoted saying, “The first one I had done it was almost as though people didn’t really talk about it. Now after Rooney and everyone else, no one really frowns upon it any more."

It may seem absurd that anyone would place judgement upon you for undergoing hair restoration services, but fans often criticize celebrities for getting cosmetic surgery because they think it sets unrealistic standards for beauty. With that said, relocating hair from one area of your scalp to the next is nothing to feel insecure about. 

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay is a notoriously famous public figure, but it’s only a rumor that he underwent a hair transplant. He was seen leaving a cosmetic surgery location with a protective and loose-fitting black covering on his head, which could be in place to protect his scalp from infection and damage. So, in 2010, do you think he spent £30,000 on an FUE hair transplant in Los Angeles?

Elton John

His career as a musician is a triumph, but his hair transplants were not as victorious. After undergoing two follicular unit transplants, Elton John's scalp did not take well to the procedure. He referred to his desire for hair as "a hundred percent vanity," before saying, "I'll just be grateful if it grows."

Elton John also noted in his memoir that he had put on a wig before confronting home invaders because he was so ashamed of his hair loss. He attributed his early male pattern baldness to using various hair dyes that destroyed his hair. These chemicals are among the most common causes of hair loss, as they could have destroyed the follicles and made the grafts unviable when they attempted to grow. 

Mel Gibson

Mad Max star had a successful hair transplant surgery in his younger years as an actor, but over the years, his hair began reverting to its original state. After a successful surgery, the hair that is relocated is just as susceptible to falling out at a gradual rate. His story is still a success because he was able to enjoy a full head of hair during his peak years as a public figure.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is an English Football player who received a noticeable hair transplant that transformed his appearance, rumored to have cost between £15,000 to £30,000. He acknowledged his elevated hair appearance on Twitter by saying, "I was going bald at 25, why not? I'm delighted with the result." He knew a hair transplantation was right for him, and his positivity towards it could encourage others experiencing trepidation to look into restorative hair services. 

Hair transplants have evolved over the years, to the extent that even celebrities feel confident about getting them without risk to their career. It’s risky to go under the knife for any reason, but if you find a surgeon that has an extended track record of successful hair procedures, while being able to thoroughly explain the process to you and keep you comfortable throughout, there’s nothing to fear. Only excitement for the final results should await you while your hair follicles do what they do naturally, providing you with a full head of naturally grown hair.