HairMD: Patient Interview

Feeling insecure about hair loss that had been accelerating for decades, a patient (whose identity will remain undisclosed) reached out to The Hair Restoration Center of New Jersey and New York. He began looking for potential solutions when a picture of his head showed him how dramatic the hair loss had become. Consulting with Dr. Feinberg gave him insight into what treatment options were available and how these treatments would potentially be transformative. Ultimately, armed with information from Dr. Feinberg and his colleagues, the client felt excited about embracing this treatment, and so far, the results have exceeded his expectations. 

To the undisclosed patient, thank you so much for participating in this interview. Your answers will help potential patients to envision what treatment looks and feels like at the Hair Restoration Center of New York and New Jersey. 

To potential patients, thank you for considering Dr. Feinberg and his industry-leading team to treat the frustrating symptoms of hair loss. As seen throughout this interview, hair restoration is possible—it just takes patience, an experienced team, and commitment to the process.  

Please enjoy the interview:

When did you start to experience hair loss?

I began noticing my hair thinning around the age of thirty-two. It was a gradual loss that became noticeable to everyone shortly after I turned forty. My loss has mainly been on the top of my head. By the time I turned 50, the area had grown pretty large.    

What was the final straw before seeking professional advice/treatment at The Hair Restoration Center of NY & NJ?

I sought professional help shortly after seeing a photograph of the back of my head. At the end of my haircut, the barber showed me the back of my head in the mirror, and the top of my scalp was showing. 

I felt insecure. All I could focus on was my striking hair loss. What I had ignored all these years was now a large balding patch. It was the moment I woke up. When I returned home, I took pictures of my head, and it was very depressing.

What was the consultation with Dr. Feinberg like?

Dr. Feinberg and I discussed my hair loss and how many grafts and sessions I would need to restore my natural appearance. There is no point in having work done if it looks like you have had work done. Creating a natural hairline was important to me, and Dr. Feinberg showed me many examples of his successful work over the years. 

After my consultation, I wasn’t nervous. I was excited and happy. Having pictures that documented my hair loss gave me a starting point and hope. When you trust and connect with your doctor, you feel a sense of comfort and security. I was confident that I knew exactly what I was getting, and Dr. Feinberg knew exactly what he was doing.

What was the treatment like? 

My treatment was great, and everyone was really nice. The office is comfortable, and the staff has been with Dr. Feinberg for a long time, so there is a very nice family feel. 

I knew nothing about the procedure other than what a few friends had told me. The first session was easy—there was nothing to fear. I knew exactly what to expect, and now I am excited to complete the process with my second session.

To what extent did Dr. Feinberg and the team inform and educate you throughout the treatment process?

I am not much into understanding the scientific miracles of a medical procedure, so I opted out of hearing any graphic details. Dr. Feinberg and his nurses answered all my questions, though. Plus, I’d been told what to expect, so there wasn’t much left for me to ask.

There was nothing I needed to know that I wasn’t told. I was completely comfortable, and my part was very easy. The office staff kept me well-informed before, during, and after the procedure.

How long did it take you to see the results? 

My results so far have been amazing, and I’m not even finished yet! I would have liked to have seen results the next morning, but after discussing my post-care plan with Dr. Feinberg, I realized it takes time and patience to see results. 

After several months had gone by, I forgot about the procedure—one day, I looked in the mirror, and I could no longer see the bald spot that the barber had shown me two years earlier. That was another huge plus! I had forgotten all about it, and suddenly, I had hair! Even better, the change was so gradual. Now, my hair is so natural that nobody noticed the change. Now, I am glad it took a few months. There was never any explaining that I had to do.

What surprised you the most about your experience with The Hair Restoration Center? 

There were no surprises. This was the beauty of it.

If you could go back in time to before your treatment began, would you do anything differently? 

I would have contacted Dr. Feinberg sooner. It would have been nice to have hair all these years.

What was your greatest fear going into treatment?

I was nervous about the pain and the process until I spoke with Dr. Feinberg about it. My nervousness subsided after this conversation. Once I got to The Hair Restoration Center, I was part of a team (even though my only job was to relax). The office is very comfortable and private.

What would you say to someone who’s skeptical about getting professional treatment? 

There are a few things to consider. For me, it was the question of a natural look. There is no point in doing this if everyone looks at you and asks, “Did you get a hair transplant?!” And, there is nothing worse than a bad hair transplant. You may look ridiculous, but you can always take off a bad toupee. In the photos Dr. Feinberg showed me at his office, everyone looked natural. It also seemed that people finally came to see him because some clinic or novice had done a poor job. I am a testament to the fact that just because someone is holding a paintbrush, it does not make them an artist.

The other major factor in my decision was his experience. Dr. Feinberg is a hair transplantation pioneer who has been working with his team of nurses for years. 

One important thing I realized after my hair transplant started, but that meant nothing to me when Dr. Feinberg initially spoke about it at my consultation, was what it meant to have a permanent staff instead of hiring different professional strangers for each patient. I heard him say it, and I did not dismiss it. 

However, I thought that it shouldn’t really matter. You have several hours to think in the office, and I thought about the professionalism and fluency of what was happening. I finally understood what he had meant. A team would be hard to coach if players changed every game. As a hockey player, after a season or two together, I always knew where my linemate was. 

On top of my outstanding results, it was these types of things that kept materializing that made it such a wonderful experience.

If I could give my best advice to anyone, it would be to be patient! That was the hardest part for me. I wanted to wake up the next morning looking like Cousin Itt and have to ask for a ride to the nearest barber. Even after Dr. Feinberg had cautioned me several times to be patient, I wasn’t.

I was sitting in my best friend’s office working on a computer (actually, he was the man who had recommended Dr. Feinberg to me). He looked at the top of my head up close, and it amazed him how good the hair on the top of my head was looking. His hair loss had been in the front, so he had committed to treatment quicker than I had for help. That probably would have been the only thing I would have changed. There was no reason to walk around balding all this time. The back of my head was the back of my head. It really hadn't mattered until I saw what other people saw that day in the barbershop.

Hair loss can chip away at the self-confidence of many men and women, particularly as they enter their 40s and 50s. Treatment options do exist, but many clients are reluctant to go down this route because they are afraid that their hair transplants will not look natural. But, Dr. Feinberg and his team at The Hair Restoration Center of New York and New Jersey pride themselves in offering solutions that look natural, leaving their clients like the subject of this interview extremely satisfied and confident.  

There is nowhere better to go than The Hair Restoration Center of New York and New Jersey for all of your hair loss needs. Take the first step today by booking a consultation with Dr. Feinberg.