FUT and FUE: What Are the Differences?

When it comes to hair transplants there are two state-of-the-art procedures that are responsible for the highest success rates: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Both procedures involve extracting hair follicles for transplant to a location lacking them but do so by using different methodologies. Where FUT removes tiny strips of scalp in order to relocate the follicles found there, FUE harvests the follicles in smaller groupings – generally on a follicle-by-follicle basis. 

  1. Is FUE as Effective as FUT?

While the two procedures have some marked differences, they share a similar level of effectiveness when it comes to their final outcomes. FUT procedures provide a more fullness in the immediate wake of the procedure. FUE procedures achieve equivalent results after the healing process has run full course while also having a quicker recovery time.

Is FUE or FUT More Painful?

While there is a small-to-moderate amount of pain involved in each procedure, there is a definite difference in relative levels of post-procedural discomfort between FUE and FUT procedures. All available data shows the FUE method to have less discomfort.

Do FUE Scars Fade?

FUE leaves very little visible scarring in the first place. What scars it leaves often fade completely once the post-procedure recovery period has ended.

What Percentage of FUE Grafts Survive?

A 60 to 70% rate of survival for hair grafts is considered the baseline industry standard for an average professional practice. That said, with an experienced hair transplant surgeon a survival rate of 90% or better is common. 

Does FUE Look Natural?

FUE hair restoration – by virtue of working with smaller groups of follicles than FUT procedures – is able to produce extremely natural and organic looking results. As a matter of fact, it produces some of the best results available with current technology. Our ARTAS® robotic system, guided by the skilled hands of our physicians, is able to recreate the naturally occurring patterns of your hair… producing results that are almost indistinguishable from the original.

Is FUE or FUT More Cost Effective?

Choosing a hair transplant procedure is entirely up to the candidate. However, if finances are of concern, then the FUT procedure may be a good fit – as it still offers a high chance of fuller, natural coverage.

  1. Trust the Hair Transplant Specialist with Decades of Experience 

Consulting with a board-certified surgeon should be your first step when considering hair transplant procedures. Having trained directly under the father of modern hair transplant procedures – Dr. Norman Orentreich – gives me unique expertise as well as decades of experience. Let us develop a bespoke treatment plan customized to your particular case and its needs. Call to request a consultation at (201) 739-1885 or contact us online to get started.