Introducing HAIRMDL®
A Breakthrough Hair Enhancement Solution

If you're experiencing thinning hair, exploring medical options for stimulating regrowth is crucial. Among the available methods, the topical application of hair-promoting agents stands out as the safest and most effective treatment.

For over 35 years, topical Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine®, has been FDA-certified and proven to stimulate scalp hair growth. Dermatologists continually try to improve upon the original minoxidil formulation by incorporating additional ingredients to enhance its effectiveness.

Drawing on his extensive experience and the latest advancements in hair growth, Dr. Feinberg has pioneered HAIRMDL®, a revolutionary hair enhancement solution. By uniquely blending three potent ingredients, HAIRMDL® represents decades of research and innovation, setting a new standard in hair regrowth products.

Become a HAIRMDL® Patient


HAIRMDL® is a prescription medication developed by Dr. Herbert Feinberg, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in medical and surgical interventions for hair loss.

Before and After Photos

As a male struggling with hair loss, HAIRMDL® has been a game-changer for me! After just a year of use, my hairline and crown have noticeably improved. I feel like I’ve reclaimed my old hairline. Thank you!

- E.H. (Male, Hairline)
Being a man with concerns about my bald spot, I was starting to notice it in photos, and even my son pointed it out. It made me feel older than I wanted to. Thankfully, I found HAIRMDL®. It’s made a real difference, and I’m happy to recommend it to others.

- J.B. (Male, Crown)
As a patient of Dr. Feinberg in Englewood, NJ for many years, I’ve experienced the struggle with thinning hair firsthand. About 3 years ago, he started me on his Minoxidil hair formula and I am very happy to say that it has made a big improvement in my overall hair density. I would recommend, without question, his product to anyone looking for a successful method of hair restoration.

- D.P. (Male, Thinning)
As a female dealing with pattern thinning, I’ve been thrilled with the results of HAIRMDL®. In just one year, I’ve seen remarkable new growth in my hair. Dr. Feinberg shares my excitement about these results and I can’t wait to see even more improvement next year. Thank you, Dr. Feinberg, for restoring my confidence!

- C.C. (Female, Female Pattern Thinning)
There is no guarantee that these results can be duplicated in anyone having a similar hair problem.

What Sets This Formulation Apart?

HAIRMDL® includes three active ingredients that have not been combined in any other product.

Minoxidil, a certified concentration known for its efficacy in enhancing hair follicle growth and prolonging their growth phase.

Dutasteride, an anti-androgen that exhibits approximately 50% greater efficiency in blocking the hair loss hormone dihydrotesterone (DHT) compared to the more commonly used finasteride (Propecia®), spironolactone, and ketoconazole.

Latanoprost, a hormone-like substance that stimulates hair follicles to promote stronger and longer hair growth. While primarily recognized as an eyelash enhancer like its analog bimatoprost (Latisse®), Latanoprost surpasses bimatoprost in its effectiveness for enhancing hair growth.

Other ingredients included in HAIRMDL® are:

Caffeine, added to numerous hair growth preparations due to its positive impact on blood circulation, believed to enhance hair growth.

Tretinoin (Retin-A®), known for enhancing the absorption of applied medications into the skin.

Triamcinolone, a topical cortisone, which is more active than hydrocortisone, is added to counteract potential irritation.  

HAIRMDL® is supplied in a 4 oz foam dispenser, offering double the volume of most other hair products, resulting in significantly enhanced cost-effectiveness.

An experienced board-certified dermatologist specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of hair restoration, Dr Feinberg personally reviews each and every form submitted by all new patients.